What is Spirituality Anyway?

The trickiness with the word Spirituality is that everybody has a different interpretation of its meaning.  As I was doing some research for this article, I got definitions of “The Holy Spirit living through you”, “Connecting to God”, “To be spirit lead”, “Fully embodying one’s soul”, “A higher power guiding me through life” and definitions similar to mine like “connection to my higher-self”, that have no religious attachment at all.  Although a few people got similar definitions, no two people agreed exactly.

Personally, I do not believe in a Deity of any kind.  I am not denying you your belief but for me it lacks the responsibility and personal power that my belief of Spirituality affords me.  If something good or bad happens and it’s “God’s will” as far as I am concerned that  relinquishes the power that you have over your own existence. For you that might be fine, but for me it doesn’t resonate with my inner Truth. 

I believe that everything in your life is under your control.  I believe that your thoughts and emotions create your vibrational energy and it is this energy that creates the world you live in and the life you live. You alone have the power to determine how you perceive your past and how you create your present and your future.

Let me explain.  We, and everything else in the Universe, are made up of atoms.  At an atom’s core you will find a swirling vortex of energy surrounded by infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. An atom has no physical structure, therefore we have no physical structure. A car, a table, a tree, everything is made up of vibrating energy and the only reason that we see and feel these things as solid objects is because they are vibrating at such a level that they appear solid. Think of watching a movie which is made up of around 24 frames a second. We are actually seeing 24 individual still pictures a second but we don’t see the gaps between them and we don’t notice the image changing, instead we see the movie as one moving image.

If you were to take out all the empty space of all the atoms that make up the entire human race you would find that you could fit our collective mass into a container the size of a sugar cube. This means that we, like the atoms that we consist of, are made up of an invisible energy, not tangible matter.  This is accepted science.  

In the area of quantum field theory, this means that we, and everything else exist in an energetic field and we are all connected to everything else in that field.  

In June 1996, Dr Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva conducted a twin-photon experiment that proved the connection between quantum events that can (in theory) instantaneously reach across the Universe.   Dr Gisin sent pairs of photons in opposite directions along optical fibres.  At the end of the fibres the two photons were forced to make a random choice between equally possible pathways.  Even though there was no way for the photons to communicate with each other, the paths that the pairs of photons chose always matched.  

It is my belief that the essence of our energetic existence is a twin-pair of energy particles; one deep inside our core, and the other on the energetic field of the Universe. It is these entangled particles of energy that we call the human spirit.   

When we tap into the energy of our inner-selves, we effect the twin-pairing (entangled particle) of our higher-selves.  As we are connected to everything else in the Universe, the vibration that we create effects the world around us.

Our energy has always been here and it will always be here because you cannot “kill” energy.  Just as people move in and out of your life, your energy moves in and out of physical form.  When your body dies, your energy moves from the physical form that you’re currently in, and back into the realms of the Universal energy field.

That doesn’t mean that our current incarnations aren’t precious, quite the opposite in fact.  Every day in your current form should be celebrated because it is a miracle. The entire Universe had to be in exactly the right position for you to be born into your life at all and it is your duty to live it to it’s fullest potential.  

If a single thing in the Universe had been different, you would not have been born to your parents, you would not have your siblings or live in the part of the world that you have been brought up in.  If a single thing were different, your whole life would be completely different. You, would be completely different because you would have had completely different life experiences, so the fact that you have your life is completely amazing.

The voice or feeling that some attribute to God, I attribute to being the essence of Me.  That voice is the voice of my greatest good, my Highest Power speaking through the entangled particle in my core.

I use the term Higher Power or Higher Self to describe the energy of me that is not in my current physical form but lives on the energetic field of the Universe.  And I use the term Inner Self to describe the essence of me in my physical form that is the twin of the energetic particles of my Higher Self on the energetic field.

Therefore, my definition of Spirituality is the practice of connecting to your true self – that is to say, connecting to your Higher-Self through your Inner-Self.

It is the realisation that everything you need is within you.  Everything you want you have the power to obtain by truly connecting to You.

Most people in our current societies have lost the connection to their true selves because we are generally not taught to listen to our instincts and our intuition.  We are taught that happiness can be bought rather than found within and we are often taught that we are separate from the rest of the planet.  If you look at life and the world through the lens of Quantum Mechanics you will know that that isn’t true.  

We are all connected, so maybe, to allow the Universe to give us the life we truly desire, the first thing we really need to connect with is all of ourselves.  

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