Creating Space

One thing I know without a shadow of a doubt is that what you want can only move into your life if you remove from it what you don’t want.

If your head is filled with destructive conversations of the past, you cannot fill it with visualisations of a wonderful future.  And if the people in your life who take up all of your time are not in alignment with you, you don’t have the time to attract the people into your life who will bring out your best instead of trying to make you conform to a way of life that isn’t meant for you.

A perfect example of this happened when I ran my award winning luxury wedding cake business.

When you are just starting out in business it is really easy to accept every client that knocks on your door, but if you do that you do not leave space for your perfect client to enter.

I had a consultation with a couple due to be getting married and I felt in my gut that something just wasn’t right.  The couple didn’t seem to be on the same page at all.  They couldn’t agree on any aspect of the cake, the flavour, the design – nothing!  However, probably because they’d seen me on Wedding TV and in the wedding magazines, they both agreed that wanted me to make the cake for them.

We eventually designed a cake together that they were both “OK” about, but that neither of them were particularly happy with and they definitely didn’t love it because it was full of compromises.

Going against my desire for the fee, which they tried to knock down, I asked them to really think about what they wanted because I didn’t feel comfortable making a cake for them that wasn’t going to set their hearts on fire.  I told them that I didn’t feel that I was the cake designer for them and I suggested a few other people that they might try.

The following week I got a call about meeting another couple who were getting married on the same date as the previous pair.  The consultation could not have been more different if it had tried!  This couple truly loved each other and you could tell that they were meant to be together.  Everything about that job was a joy.

Because I only produced one wedding cake a weekend, if I had accepted the first couple as clients I would not have been available for the second couple.  If I had chosen to work with the first couple I know that the job would’ve been stressful from start to finish instead of the ease with which I worked with the second couple.

Sometimes, it is really important to turn down the jobs, or the people that don’t feel right to allow the right people into your life.

Another perfect example of this happened with my recent photoshoot.

At the beginning of the year I asked the Universe to only attract people into my life that loved respected and accepted me for who I am, who are in alignment with me and who are on the same path.  Its actually a mantra I got from a wonderful Energy Healer called Amanda Foy.

Before Christmas I had arranged to have a photoshoot in the New Year with a very local photographer.  We arranged a date and a back-up date to allow for the Cornish winter weather.  Two days before the agreed date of the shoot I hadn’t heard back from him so I contacted him through his Facebook Page Messenger.

I could see that he had picked up the messages but there was no reply.  Eventually on the actual day of the agreed shoot, I sent him another message asking if he still wanted the job.  He immediately replied that he did.  I asked him to confirm new dates and again, although I could see that he had picked up the message, he did not answer.

So I was left with a choice.  Was I prepared to hang around and wait for this “professional” photographer to deem my job with him important enough to attend to, or was I going to release him and find somebody new.

I, of course, chose the latter.   In doing so I created space in my life for a person that adhered to my request from the Universe that I had made at the beginning of the year.

The new photographer was perfect.  He is in total alignment with me and definitely on the same path.  We finish the two-part photoshoot on Thursday and I can’t wait to release the pictures.

Again, if I had continued to try to work with somebody who went against my values of respect and professionalism, I would not have found a photographer where working together flowed like we’d known each other for years.

So my message to you is to have a look at your every day dealings with clients, employees and friends and notice where things don’t flow.  Life is suppose to be easy and if you find that your heckles are raising or you get that feeling in your gut that things should be easier, listen to yourself and make the necessary changes.

Your intuition is the voice of your Highest-Self trying to communicate with you and you need to start to pay it more heed.

Life flows with ease and grace but only when you consciously choose it to.

Until next time xx

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