Learning Lessons

I’ve often heard it said that we are here in this current form to learn Karmic lessons of previous lives.  Personally, I’m not sure that’s true.

I think that the Purpose of this life is to live in a high vibration so you live with ease and grace that enables everything that you need to show up in your life effortlessly.

If we view this life as being one that only teaches the lessons we’ve failed to learn before and just a stepping stone to get the next one, then we will never truly embrace the beauty, love and  connectedness of the here and now.

Everything that comes into our lives we learn from, but what comes into our lives is the result of the actions, emotions and thoughts that we’ve had.  It’s like a spiral going up into our Highest Selves and as such, if we don’t rise above the problems and issues that we attract into our lives, we’ll keep seeing them showing them up as we go around the loop again without growing bigger.

If we face a situation head on, thank it for showing up and send it on it’s way, we can bring our thoughts and emotions about it up to love, gratitude and acceptance which means that the next time we see it, it won’t be the big issue that it was before because we will have grown in comparison.

The situation will no longer phase us because we know how to handle it for our greatest good.

By contrast, if we spend our time and energy trying to pick apart what the lesson is that we are supposed to be learning, we will stay in that situation because that is where we are focussed, and we all know by now that what we focus on expands.

So instead of dwelling on your difficulties, view them with lighthearted curiosity and bring yourself back up to a high vibration as quickly as possible.

It’s your choice whether your spiral stays as a circle overlaying itself repeatedly or whether it becomes a ladder to your best possible life.  You get to choose whether you concentrate on the problem or the solution. Concentrating on the lessons is staying inside the problem. Discovering and eliminating the pattern that brought you here is focusing on the solution.

So, when something unfortunate happens in your life I encourage you to breathe deeply, connect to your Inner-Self and ask what pattern of behaviour and thought brought you to this moment and what your next action is to bring you back to a high vibration.

Once you’ve identified the destructive pattern of thoughts and behaviour, you have the power to change them to prevent the unfortunate situations happening again.

Live in the here and now and don’t be plagued by re-living the patterns of the past.

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