The Purpose of Life – Joy or To Serve?

This question has been popping up in my consciousness for a little while now so I thought I should get my views on it out.

It is my firm belief that the Purpose of living is to live with immense joy.

However, we are constantly being told by Spiritual Guru’s and teachers that life should be all about Service to others.

For most people, helping others brings a particular kind of joy and fulfilment that can’t be beaten so if being of Service also brings you joy, then you are living your Purpose and you should keep doing what you’re doing.

But what if the Service to others that you find yourself performing doesn’t bring you joy?  Is it right to selflessly stay in that particular area if it is fulfilling a need to be needed but simultaneously making you feel miserable?

I don’t believe that it is.

If you are giving to others at the expense of personal happiness then you are not showing yourself love.  You are not respecting yourself enough to put your happiness on an equal footing of importance as the person or people that you are helping.

This can lead to resentment, stress, self-loathing or even over eating and self-harm as you suppress your need for personal joy in the belief that it somehow makes you more righteous.

Serving others can only really be done to it’s fullest when you have so much love and respect for yourself that you have a surplus to pass on.  Being a martyr serves nobody well and shows you that you are not in a good place on your path.

Care workers, health professionals, healers and teachers of all sorts, are those most likely to be vulnerable to the trap of giving to others without due care to themselves so it is vital for this group of people to be relentless in their self-care habits because if you are left feeling depleted at the end of every day you are not in alignment with the needs of your highest self.  If you are serving through a sense of duty and not out of heart felt love it’s time you looked inwards to find out how to truly serve you as well as others.

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Until next time …

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