Staying out of the Storm

Staying in joyful alignment is sometimes really tricky. Not because you are doing anything particularly wrong, but because sometimes other people in our lives are living through their own dramas and we need to stop ourselves getting sucked into them.

There will always be people around you that have dramas going on, the secret to staying gout of the storm is to stand so firmly in your power that you become the stabilising rock they need whilst they are all at sea.

It’s easy to be drawn in and to internalise their struggles as your own, but it is vital for you to retain the power you have over your own emotions and behaviour that their drama doesn’t turn into yours.

It is sometimes hard not to mirror anger, despair and sadness with your own but please know that that wouldn’t do either of you very good at all.

Instead, on days where drama flairs up with no warning, ground your energies and stand in your power and remain calm and sure until the storm passes.

Tomorrow will always be another day and it’s important that we don’t colour today with yesterday and tomorrow with today.

Breathe deeply.

Ground your energy.

Know that this is their drama not yours.

Do everything you can to release the negative emotions that come up and to raise your vibration back to love and above as quickly as possible.

Until next time …

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