Trusting You

What was the last thing you “just knew” in your gut?

Did you trust it straight away or did you try to prove that feeling wrong only to find out later that You were right all along?

As a parent we often get those strong feelings of “just knowing” that something isn’t right with our child and we can often feel it with our parents, spouse or close friends too.

That my friends is your intuition trying to guide you. That is the brain in your stomach getting louder than the brain in your head, even if it was only for a split second and it is always acting for your greatest good.

That guidance system, that inner compass, that message from your higher-self to your inner-self, can be grown and made louder through meditation and trust and can guide your life and business decisions better than your logical brain when you want to remain authentic and live in alignment with your purpose.

Learning to fully trust yourself is the greatest gift that you could give yourself right now because the world is full of “fake news” and fear and knowing your own Truth will set you free from it all.

So, what was the last thing that you “just knew”?

Until next time …

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