Do you embrace change or resist it?

Just like the seasons, as we move through our lives we are constantly changing. Every year we changed classes at school, we changed friendship groups as we grew emotionally and intellectually and as are tastes and interests changed.

Change is inevitable so we can have to choose whether we embrace the change or whether we are going to put up resistance to it.

Embracing change opens the possibilities of adventure and excitement whereas resisting it will bring feelings of hurt, upset, regret and sorrow. Our entire emotional life is based upon our perception of our current situation, if we accept our situation we feel happier and more peaceful in it but if we resist it, it will be filled with feelings of hardship.

Taking full responsibility for our situation helps us to realise the tremendous power we have over our lives so if you can avoid blaming other people you will also avoid giving them your power. You are a wonderful and amazing being and you get to choose how you perceive every single aspect of your life.

So how can you make your changing life an easier journey? What can you let go of or release that is trying to tie you to a previous situation?

As always, contact me if you would like me to help you through any transitions you are experiencing in your life.

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