Positively Focused

It is said that the Inner You is what determines the Outer You.  If you are  stressed, as most of us are from time to time, you make decisions based upon that stressed state that you might not normally have made if you had been more relaxed.

For example, if you are driving down the road and somebody pulls into your lane directly in front of you, you have two ways of reacting; you could either hit the breaks, take a deep breathe and be thankful that the driver didn’t cause you to crash into them, or you could hit the brakes and start screaming and shouting at the moron in front of you, which will bring down your day and possibly escalate into a full on road-rage situation.

The same is true of business decisions.  If your mind is relaxed and focused on positivity, you will make better short and long term decisions to the unexpected adversities that crop up in every business.

One way of keeping a positive frame of mind is to appreciate all that you have.  Wake up every morning and be grateful that you woke up at all.  Look in the mirror, and as you brush your teeth, remind yourself of all the things that you have accomplished so far.

It is very easy to get weighed down by the things that you haven’t done; the mistakes that you have made; the fact that your client list is still far too small, but if you concentrate on these things, you will not be in the correct frame of mind to change them.

Last week I told you about your Reticular Activating System in the blog Opportunities are Everywhere, so you are aware that “What you focus upon expands”.   If you constantly focus on the negative aspects of your life and work, sooner or later that is all that you will see. 

You won’t recognise the good things happening around you because they will be outshone by the bad.   You will ignore the fact that this week you got five extra clients, because you’ll be focusing on the three that got away.  And if you focus on the three, then your attention and enthusiasm towards the five will be diminished meaning that you might lose them too.

To remain positive through adversity is a very necessary skill in business.  This path you’re on isn’t always lined with pretty flowers and champagne flutes, often you need to fight your way through the brambles but you do it and you swing the axe hard, because you know that there’s a blackberry pie at the end of it.

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