Language and Social Circles

The language you use to describe yourself, situations and others is fundamental to improving your positive and productive mindset. If you constantly belittle yourself, and tell yourself that you are not good enough, you will find success much harder to achieve. Instead it would be much better to adopt an internal monologue that encourages the best of you to shine. My golden rule is “if you would not say the words you are telling yourself to your best friend or child, you should not say them to yourself”.

You should feel nothing but support and love from your internal voice, so if you have one that is degrading, notice it and adjust your thinking. Whenever you hear this nasty little voice, correct it and remind yourself of all the wonderful things that you have accomplished so far and tell yourself that you are amazing, you can achieve greatness and you are loved.

Running a company, even if you’re it’s only employee, is a tough business and you will need support from those around you. There’s a saying by Jim Rohn, that says: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, which means that the company you keep can either elevate you or bring you down. Couple that with your own internal monologue, and it stands to reason that to be a success you should surround yourself with successful people and adopt a successful attitude and inner voice.

If your friends are unsupportive or don’t really understand the life of an entrepreneur, you’re more likely to hear negative words around your work and life. If you then compound the situation by internally beating yourself up, your chances of success are limited further.

If those around you appear to be jealous of you and the new life that you’re building, this is not the right environment for you to grow in. Ironically, their harsh words are more than likely said out of love because they’re afraid that you will grow to be different from them and therefore want to leave them. This unfortunately often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because as people get more successful or grow through personal development, they are forced to detach themselves slightly from the people of their past; not because the entrepreneur now considers themselves “too good”, but because if those around them no longer want the very best for them, the entrepreneur is forced to step forwards without them.

The journey to successful entrepreneurship can sometimes be quite lonely which is why is really important to get the support of a coach or like-minded community, either on or off-line.

Take care out there.

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