5 Signs of Burnout

In this modern age we are faced with so much pressure to “succeed” that we often lose sight of what made us want to become entrepreneurs and leaders in the first place.  Sometimes the pressure we face is piled on us by the expectation of others, but most of the time, it is pressure that we pile upon ourselves.

When I had my luxury wedding cake business, I used to regularly work 36 hour days as I was fanatical about delivering the freshest cakes possible. This meant that for a Saturday morning delivery I would bake all the cakes on the Thursday and work through the night and all day Friday to apply the often very intricate cake decorations. I was a solopreneur and a control freak and if I’m honest, the thought of getting help in seemed like too much trouble as I was too busy to train an employee to my incredibly exacting standards.  (Don’t worry, I’m now cured of this as well!)

Looking back it was no wonder that I developed a rare digestive disorder that left me so close to death. Burning your candle at both ends and in the middle just isn’t sustainable.
If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of burnout, please reach out to me before it’s too late as I know exactly where you are, and I know that you can learn from my mistakes.

1: Extreme Exhaustion – sounds obvious but it’s amazing how used to being exhausted you can get, and how you can start to believe that the way you are feeling is “normal”.

2: Irritable and Frustrated – as you head towards burnout you find it harder to find the high happy vibe you used to have.

3: Lacking Motivation – where you used to jump out of bed enthusiastic to start your day, nowadays you know it’s getting to be more and more of a struggle to find the emotional rewards from your business that you used to experience.

4: Distraction – Your concentration lessens and you find it much easier to stray into unwanted thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

5: Reduced Performance – As a result of the exhaustion, lack of motivation and distraction, your performance naturally suffers. Usually, this is combined with feelings of insecurity as you know you need to up your game, but as you don’t yet know any better, you try to do this with more hustle which sends you back into the loop.

Like I said, if this sounds like your life right now, there is a way out of it that will leave both you and your business intact. Contact me now before it’s too late.
Until next time …

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