Is This Really Your Dream?

Would you recognise burnout if it came and slapped you upside the head?

Burnout slides in without you noticing.  One minute you feel like you’re on fire but slowly over time that fire gets dampened down to mere ashes.  Where you used to jump out of bed with enthusiasm, now it’s a definite crawl.  You think to yourself, “I just have to get through this and then it’ll be plain sailing”, but as you get through that thing you notice a million other things have appeared on your ever growing list of ‘things to get through’ and your days of plain sailing start to feel a lifetime away.

You are determined to be the best at your chosen career and you’ll stop at nothing to get there, but you’ve just got to get over this migraine that you keep on having.

You’ll be better tomorrow, it’s just a bad day.

But then you notice that the bad days are out numbering the good ones.  The days where you are truly jumping out of bed with all the joys of Spring are getting further and further apart and you don’t know how to pull yourself together again and find that joy that you suddenly realise you’ve lost.

You get home and have the obligatory argument amount how many hours you’re working and how you never have time for your family and friends these days and it makes you wonder why you’re doing this at all.

You got into business to have freedom.  You wanted to be your own boss so you could choose your own hours so how come the hours you’ve chosen are over 12 hours a day with no bookable vacation days in sight?

This is not your dream. 

How on earth did you get here? 

And more importantly, how on earth do you get back out?

Burnout has snuck in and it is destroying you from the inside out.  It has somehow convinced you that you have to do all the things, all the time but you really don’t.

Now is the time for you to take a stand and consciously choose your next steps.

You know that you can’t carry on the way you’re going so it’s time to find a better way.

Instead of constantly pushing, it’s time to be centred and still. 

It’s time to prioritise your todo list so you only do the things that are actively productive.

It’s time to choose your next steps based on how you want your life to feel.

It’s time to work out what you truly value in life and live a life in alignment with those values.

You’ve got the financial success but it’s come at the expense of your joy, your health and your relationships so it’s time to find the balance that creates success in all areas.

Has the time come for you to truly take control of your life or are you going to continue to let what’s currently happening in your life take control of you?

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