Where Am I Going To Find The Time?

How on earth am I supposed to find the time to do anything other than the work I’ve already got to do???

I hear this often from people who want to improve their working life but seriously can’t see how they would ever fit coaching into their already tightly packed schedule.

The answer is to have impeccable time management and solid boundaries.

One of the first exercises I do with clients who feel like they just don’t have enough hours in the day is to ask them to monitor exactly how they spend their time in 20 minutes blocks, for a week.

By doing this, we can see how long they spend on tasks and how to make that time more efficient. And also how much time they unknowingly waste.

For instance, if you have content creation booked in on 3 separate days of the week and it’s taking you a total of 10 hours a week to complete, I will encourage you to batch the creation together on a dedicated day.

You see, every time your mind has to switch tasks it takes more energy and concentration to focus on that task. Which is why all that multi-tasking you’re doing in an effort to stay on top of your workload is so tiring, and why you’re not producing your best work.

By batching similar tasks together you expend less energy and don’t waste the time of trying to refocus to get into the flow and zone of creation. This, in turn creates less stress as you complete your tasks with ease and you produce work of a higher quality which raises your confidence levels.

You win in every direction.

Doing this along with other strategies enabled my client Louise to increase her productivity enough to cut her work hours by a third and she almost doubled her income in the process as she spent her energy where it was most effective.

If this is something you need in your life contact me now about 1:1 coaching.

Your incredible success doesn’t have to come with incredible stress.

By using proven strategies and techniques my clients live a balanced life and reach their goals without the hustle that can cause burnout.

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