Change your habits, change your life.

What are your habits?

The habits we have dictate the life that we live.

If you have a habit of going to the gym three times a week your body will be fit.  As you’ve just worked so hard at the gym you will be less likely to stuff your face with chocolate and crisps and undo all of your good work so your diet is normally healthier as a side effect. 

But if you have a habit of drinking a bottle of wine a night, like I used to, then you are likely to also have a habit of soaking up the alcohol with crisps and chips and late night snacking of cheese and crackers.  I definitely know that this was true for me.

So how do you create good habits and let go of your bad habits?  Is it willpower that determines your success or failure at this?

Personally, I don’t really believe in willpower.  Willpower feels like had work to me.  It feels like a constant struggle against doing what you actually want.

As far as I’m concerned, what’s needed isn’t willpower,  it’s making a conscious and unbreakable decision.  It’s deciding that certain things are no longer available to be in your life and knowing it in your heart and gut as well as your head.

Once you’ve made this unbreakable decision, other choices around the subject are easy.  You simply have to ask yourself, “is what I’m about to do in alignment with the decision that I have made?”  If the answer is no, you move along and don’t look back.

At the end of last year, on December 28th I decided that I would give up drinking for the whole of 2018.  I didn’t wait to start until the 1st January because by then the decision would’ve become fluffy around the edges.  Once the decision was made, I locked it into my heart and carved it in stone in my brain. 

Act upon your decision immediately because if you schedule it for a future date, the less chance you have of allowing that decision to set firm. 

Change your habits, change your life.

So what are you no longer available for?  What habits will you decide are no longer in your best interest?

Until next time …

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