Time – Who’s in control? You or it?

Do you manage your time, or does your time manage you?

Good time management is a necessary skill to learn if you want to stay productive and fit in some self care and family time.

There are a few things that will enable you to manage your time effectively so you always have enough time to do everything you need to without feeling like you’re constantly playing catch-up.

  1. Batch jobs into similar activities so your brain isn’t constantly switching.
  2. Set yourself realistic time limits to get your tasks done. If you’re given an open ended deadline, you’ll take much longer to complete your task than necessary.
  3. Timetable your day according to your priorities. First thing in the morning, get the most important job completed in as short a timeframe as possible.

Full timetabling that includes productivity and personal time will ensure that you keep the balance you need to create a long term successful business.

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