Overcoming Financial Stress – UNFINISHED

Stress around money can hit you regardless of your income.

Whether you’re on your way to hitting $100k months or you’re stuck trying to gather together your mortgage payment for the month, money can play on your mind and cause your stress levels to spiral.

This LIVE Group Coaching Program is for you if you:

Want to lose the stress you feel around money

Feel anxious about losing the money you have

Feel anxious about whether more money will come in

Find yourself endlessly looking at your figures, hoping they will magically change

Are scared to look at your figures because you dread what you might see

Overcoming Financial Stress

Although all of the above might seem the opposites of each other, the stress they produce is exactly the same.

By changing the way you look at money, what it is, where it comes from and how you can control it, the more in control of your money and your stress levels you will be.


In this Live Group Coaching Program you will learn how to:

Develop an abundant mindset irrespective of the money in your bank

Reduce the symptoms and emotions of financial stress

Make your money work for you

Create more money in your life by doing what you love 

Your guide, Janet Mohapi-Banks, helps female online entrepreneurs who feel anxious and stuck to reach their next levels of success without stress, overwhelm and self-doubt so they can live happy lives and grow their business with confidence and peace of mind. 

Janet teaches her clients to live and work consciously and by following their intuition. With a strong focus on stress reduction,  Janet works in the areas of mindset, self-worth and self-belief because she knows that it’s these areas that cause people to stay stuck and prevent them from moving forwards.

Join her now on this FREE video training to see how you can free yourself from the stress and struggle holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

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