These are just a few words from some of the wonderful clients I have had the honour of helping.  I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Today I had an individual coaching session with Janet. I’m participating in the group coaching program and feel very excited and involved with the process, but have faced some personal issues doing the homework.  Janet performed a great individual session which was incredibly healing, motivating and helped me to overcome my difficulties not only with that home exercise, but with my life and self-perception. Janet is a very professional and experienced coach, I have no words to express my gratitude. Janet, you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Maria Melnikova – Bulgaria

Janet’s approach to everything she does comes from a profound place of love. She has taught me about self love. She has taught me about mindfulness. She has taught me about moving through my negative thoughts quickly – and not unpacking and living there! Her tips and tricks are so easy  to adapt into everyday life – I especially love when she told me about the superhero pose! It really works!! Janet, you are fab and I’m very grateful to have you in my life xxoo

Emma Conway –  Brisbane, Australia

Initially, in 2015, Janet was there to support and comfort me in my darkest of hours. I was unexpectedly solo parenting two very small children, I wasn’t myself and didn’t think I would be a good, supportive, kind mother to my children. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. I was terrified and had lost myself. 

With Janet’s assistance we broke the dread of the week into hours. I was to live every hour, and each hour I made it through was another golden hour.

In addition to this we covered my finances. Taking care of the pennies to make pounds. I listened to visualisations and meditations when I couldn’t sleep at night.  We made affirmations together and I stuck them all over my house! A reminder of all the totally awesome things life can give and why, and for whom, I was doing it for.

I bounced my pain at Janet. She caught it and threw it back as a golden ball. I forgave myself for the trauma and pain.

Janet isn’t just a life coach, she became my inner voice. The positive voice, the kind voice, the friendly voice. 

It’s now two and a half years since my world was turned upside down. My tiny children are a little older, I’m still solo parenting and all the better for it. 

In September last year I felt it was time to return to my university degree. Not an easy thing with two small people to care for. However, with Janet’s guidance, we decided part-time would be best, as I can still spend time with the children. 

We have broken down all my university modules and made a time and a plan for each of them. We’ve invested time in my finances and discussed my fears and procrastinations. Janet has given me ways of tackling actions and not being afraid. Using and developing ways of battling the things that I put off. (Even phone calls and important jobs). Not avoiding life. Decision making has been a great issue that we’re working on and we’re also rebuilding my flat-lined confidence. Coping mechanisms are being put in place and I’m achieving goals! 

The next stage is tiny steps into my new business, my ceramic workshop and building a new life for the three of us. One where I am financially independent, I have a home and a good, laughter filled, productive life. It’s nearly there, I can see it! 

Janet has a talent for supporting both business people and individuals in all areas and arenas. I feel empowered and energised as she has improved my communication skills. We’ve settled down my anxieties and built positive habits. 

Thank you Janet for your personal balance.

Sarah Kay Waters, Wivenhoe, Essex UK

Since working with Janet I have moved forward in setting up my business whilst also looking more agreessively for something part-time in recruiting to sustain me.  What I liked about working with Janet was her clear communication. She pushed back with questions which lead to self-clarity.  I also have more clarity and excitement for the future.

I would recommend Janet because she is very intuitive and listens so well – she pushes back questions that make my solutions obvious to me and she is very professional.

If you are coaching with Janet you are not going to have someone give you the answers – rather you will have to put the work in, be receptive and find your own truth.

I appreciate the time that Janet spent helping me find my way.  Pushing me on the the path that I’m now brave enough to travel alone. 

Ronda Pressley.  Berryville, Virginia, USA

I worked with Janet at the beginning of 2017, shortly after the launch of my new business.  I was drowning in my to-do list and struggling to make enough to cover the bills! After working with Janet I learned to manage my time more effectively and become more productive with the time I have, batching tasks and prioritising. She also encouraged me to re-evaluate my value to create more profitable products and services that fit my clients’ needs.  Janet is such a genuine and friendly person to work with, and she has an amazing ability to identify your own internal struggles and put them into perspective.  Working with her has changed my mindset when it comes to business and I am excited to see my business growing already!

Louise Beukes – London, UK B.Loved

I have been spending a lot of time since I graduated a few years ago just drifting, not really having a set purpose in life and I decided that it was time to change. I have problems with indecision and negativity towards myself and my capabilities, which has held me back from setting and therefore achieving goals. This is why I went to Janet. Janet has really helped me to evaluate what I want from my life, and has given me the sense of self and guidance necessary for me to make difficult decisions about my life to get me where I want to be. Her positivity is infectious and her belief in you as a person is incredibly motivating, and it makes you believe in yourself. Janet is a very inspirational, motivating and wise individual who has taken her life and business experiences (both positive and negative) and made something pretty magical from them.  Janet has shown me anything is possible.

Michelle Cotterell, Cornwall, UK.