The Mohapi Method To More

Are you living the life the choose?
Or are you waking up asking if this is really all there is?

If you know in your heart of hearts that what you are doing here is only a fraction of what you were meant to do…


The disservice you’re doing is not just to you. It is to humanity as well. 

You have gifts.

You have talents. 

You have a drive to Be More and Do More.

To help more people. 

To go beyond your own expectations. 

It’s time to develop your gifts, to realize your unlimited potential, and to finally grow into the dreams that spark your excitement

…to evolve beyond other people’s opinions

…to escape their limiting thoughts about you and what you do

…to leave behind every fear and doubt that you have picked up and lovingly heart-sewn into the fabric of who you are

…to experience the peace of mind and happiness that you thought your success would bring but hasn’t.

And I help women just like you do that.

What happens to the women I help?


The families they’ve held so much guilt about come closer together. 
The already-successful businesses they run enter their next levels of power. 
The creativity that they use to power their everyday lives and the lives of those they work with is amped up to 50,000 watts. 
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Because they get access to the memories, the patterns of behaviors, and the internal and external programming that keeps pushing them back to square one whenever they experience what they believe is their next level of success. 

The memories that they thought they’d forgotten. 

Memories they thought they’d dismissed or gotten over. 

You see, these memories tripped and triggered something in them that runs daily in their thoughts and emotions that they don’t realize is coming from that memory. 

But The Mohapi Method to More™ has a way of opening them up and unlocking them in a way that allows them to move past the block that consistently pushes them back with every achievement. 


The Mohapi Method to More™ 


This process is my exclusive process and it’s the one I have used to rebuild after a devastating and transformational moment in my life. 

It’s also the one my clients have used to: 

  • Create profound shifts in their creative process that amped up their businesses and their lives
  • Unlock having more time for the things that matter to them
  • Generate more revenue without generating more stress and overwhelm 
  • Develop a deeper self-trust that allows them to act quickly on decisions 
  • Move through their days with greater ease and flow with all that life throws at them 


What happens if you use this process? 


So far, the information we’ve been given by users of the program is that it unlocks what years of therapy would unlock for them. 

That is NOT to say, that The Mohapi Method to More™ should be used in replacement of therapy. We make NO claims to do what therapy does as I am not a therapist and prospects who inquire about this program who need therapy, will be referred to that style practice and not taken on as a Mohapi Method to More™ client, unless engaging with a licensed therapist. 

But, what I can tell you is that this process accelerates the process of uncovering, extracting, and rewiring the mind, body, soul, and spirit for the More that you are looking for. 

What is this program worth? 


According to users of this program, it is worth at least 3 times the investment as it creates such rapid, profound shifts that they are able to:

Elevate their quality of life

Increase their capacity to earn

Transform their relationships with those they love. 


So, how do you put a price tag on those things? 


I just did it as best I could. I want everyone to experience this work, so you will not find insanely inflated prices that are simply meant to inflate my ego. 


You’ll find the investment to be more than fair and accessible so you have no reason not to say YES to: 


An even brighter future 

More happiness and fulfillment

More money flowing into your life with ease

What life looks like after The Mohapi Method to More: 


Initially when I started working with Janet the aim was to shift my mindset around money. I had sporadic months. Within three weeks of working with Janet I was fully booked, and then we were in a pandemic. The biggest challenge I faced was the fear and panic that came with being locked down. My confidence was shattered and luckily, I had Janet’s support so I didn’t totally collapse and continued creating art. It wasn’t very long before I had created a product to send to people during the first lockdown that was successful.”

The decision to do the work around shattering beliefs and patterns isn’t easy. Some people take years to finally see they need help. 

And then they get it. 

But then, the work of discovery is only a portion of the work. 

The real heavy portion of the work starts once the discovery is made. Because that’s when you make the decision to start making goal-oriented decisions…to get off the auto-pilot, cruise-controlled, default patterning that keeps you making the small slips back into where you were, not where you can be. 


WHO You Are Vs WHERE You Are


Some coaches will have you believe that you can evolve into that “next evolution of you” nonsense. I don’t believe in that. 

I believe that WHO you are is exactly WHO you’re supposed to be. And the evolution that happens with The Mohapi Method to More™ is the evolution of your POSITION.

You are whole. You are complete.
You’re perfectly imperfect and limitless AS YOU ARE. 

But…you just need to elevate the where to the WHERE YOU WANT to be. 


Where do you want to be, considering that you are perfect as you are? 


Wake up feeling in control, even when chaos swirls around you. 

When others make demands that don’t align with your goals, decline…without remorse. Without guilt. Without shame. 

When your monkey mind chimes in and tells you that you have had enough…that you can’t do it. That change is too hard. That you’ll miss XYZ because of this…


Your Mohapi Method to More™ tools and support are there to make sure you never let the monkey mind win. 

Change is hard. 

But change with experienced, proven, tools and supports are easier. 

The reputation you’ve been trying to build for decades can now come into fruition in a matter of weeks or months. 

The weight you’ve been trying to lose for years can now begin to melt away. 

The $50K or even $100K months you’ve been pouring every bit of you in will finally have an unclogged conduit to flow through. 

All because you’ve done the work with The Mohapi Method to More™ process and me. 

Who am I to help you do this? 


I am Janet Mohapi-Banks, creator of The Mohapi Method to More™ process and change agent for high-powered women who are ready to finally leave their old stories, old beliefs, and old habits behind. Through the power of metaphysics, energy, and mindset, I help creatives and entrepreneurs expand into who they BE on the other side of their breakthroughs. 

I didn’t just fall into this work, though. I had to live it. 

As the owner of a world-class cake decorating business, I had the pleasure of attending and catering for parties in the swankiest of places…like the Savoy, the Ritz, and the Connaught.

But one day…

My body decided that the high-powered stress that came with my dreams was more than it wanted to handle and I developed an awful disease that would slowly starve me to death. 

It was so hard to see my lofty dreams that I had worked so hard to achieve crumble before my eyes. 

But, here I stand, a few years later, in my power and in my joy. 

I sold our 4 bedroom house by the sea in Cornwall, UK, packed up my teens and we are now living in Canada, having moved across the world in the middle of the global pandemic.

Something I could never have done without my tools.

That’s why I know the power of this method. 


I want you to be able to experience the joy of upleveling your life to the stressed-less, exuberant, creative life you crave. 

Memories Create Wiring and Programming 


From the time we’re born until the time we die, we are constantly taking on information from the outside world and processing it into our psyche. 


Judgements. Opinions. Teachings from our parents, our communities, our teachers…they all became a part of who we are. 


We had to learn that fire is hot and that we should load the bathroom roll so it unravels from the outside, not the inside. 


We had to learn what is “acceptable” conduct when it comes to arriving places on time. And how to vacuum the floor so that we don’t leave crumbs behind. 


But we also learned that we are not good enough. 

Not strong enough. 

Not fast enough. 

Not beautiful enough. 


Not a good enough mother. 


Not a good enough business owner. 


And the list just goes on…forever. 


Sometimes, we’re able to discard these lessons. Sometimes we’re able to ignore them. 


And then sometimes? 


One off-handed comment by a stranger that we don’t even really know can bury themselves in our wiring and from that point forward dictate how we feel about everything we do…from being a mother to being a high-achieving entrepreneur. 


Decisions that we should be able to make on our own are forever colored by the comments of someone who doesn’t even exist in our worlds anymore. 


I help you break through all of that. 


I help you shatter the images those people have planted in your mind. 


I help you expand into who you BE on the other side of your breakthrough. 


And  if you’ve been yanked back from success more than once, you’ve been on the verge of breakthrough, but just couldn’t hold onto it because of your hard-wired defenses or protection mechanisms…

Utilizing the framework of Mindset, Manifestation, and Energy Healing, with The Mohapi Method to More™, you won’t be yanked back again. And you won’t stay there long, even if you are.


You’ll have the tools and support you need to: 

  • Stop any self-sabotaging behavior that comes up
  • Redirect your steps that have strayed from your path 
  • Feel into the success and LIVE it…FINALLY 


No more procrastination 

No more feeling the heavy weight of needing to take action, but not finding the energy to make it happen

No more choosing activity B over the activity that is going to satisfy your need to bring more Impact, make more Income, and experience an overwhelmingly satisfying life.

“My experience of working with Janet has been transformational. I feel lighter and happier. For a long time, I couldn’t think about my lack of a romantic relationship without feeling a huge wave of sadness. Now, I am more accepting of it as a temporary status and firmly believe I will one day be in a loving relationship. It was a real journey inward and I am allowing love to flow in my life without too much emphasis on the romantic aspect of it. I do have a LOT of love already in my life. I am learning not to be too critical of myself and others. I give grace for my shortcomings and theirs, all in the spirit of manifesting love. It was a big investment for me, but worth every penny. Thank you so much.”

12-Weeks to MORE Private Mentorship

This is the path to long-lasting, sustainable change that requires support and approaching your multiple resistances and limiting beliefs from multiple angles. 


This is perfect for those who know they are supposed to have more than what they have now, those who can feel the stars pulling at their souls, those who are ready to expand into a new consciousness. 


Within this 12 week container, you will have the support you need to address the layers of you that keep creeping up, time after time. 


We meet weekly via Zoom, where we set goals, establish new patterns of behaviors, call on the mystical and magical parts of you that already know what you need, and decide on new routes of action. 


In between our weekly Zoom sessions, you’ll have access to me via Telegram so during my waking and working hours I can help you clear out any in-the-moment issues that arise between our meetings.

You’ll have to do the work. There is NO other way for this to happen. BUT, I will be there to help you do it. 


Finally… you can move past the income barriers that keep you stuck in 6-figures, smash through the creative blocks that consistently stop you from creating your best work, pierce the sabotaging behaviors that shatter your dreams instead of your ceilings.

Investment: $22,000

Not sure? Let’s talk.

If you feel the pulling at you to make this happen, there’s a reason. And you know what it is. 

You are the driver.
And as scary as transformation really is…
You won’t have to drive alone.