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Janet Mohapi-Banks Breakthrough Coach, International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

I work with ambitious female solo entrepreneurs and changemakers who know that to break through their $100K a year glass ceiling they need to develop the “already mine” attitude and mindset that will get them there with ease.

I see you there.

You’re making good money in your business but still you don’t feel as successful as other people seem to think you are.

I know that you’re committed, diligent, talented and determined and you’ve generally always gotten what you wanted – one way or another.

The fact that you can almost taste your next-level of $250K, $500K, and beyond but it isn’t here yet is frustrating as hell and you know that you’re the reason behind the bottleneck.

As a spiritual lady who knows that she creates her reality, you’re eager to delve deeply into the inner work to find out what you’re missing.

And you know the deeper you go the more your external wealth will manifest.

But you’re stuck because you’ve started falling into the trap of feeling as though you need to DO more to GET more.

The longer you’ve been unable to reach your goals the more perfectionism has set in and the less you feel truly worthy of getting it.

In the past you’ve made a point of proving that you can do things on your own, but now you know that it’s time for a change and you’re ready to receive the support you need.

If this is you I invite you to work with me in my Grow Into Your Greatness 12-week Private Coaching program.

Mixing mindset and energy work, over 12-weeks of weekly Zoom calls and daily access we work on the following areas:

Your Vision
Your Money
Your Perception of the External
Your Internal Sense Of Self
Your Unapologetic Self-Acceptance
Your Energetic And Cognitive Alignment

By doing this work you will grow in confidence, self-belief, self-trust, self-love, self-worth and peace of mind whilst also expanding your vision of what is possible for you.

You become very aware of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours that show you where your subconscious and conscious desires are out of sync and by using the tools, techniques and strategies that you’ll learn through the program, you’ll be able to realign yourself energetically and cognitively with your deep desires.

By developing deep and unapologetic self-love and self-acceptance you will naturally develop the attitude and mindset that continually and effortlessly drives you to achieve your goals and desires time after time.

The struggle, burnout and push will be gone, replaced with ease, flow and self-assurance.

Previous client results include:

Being sold out in their business within 3 weeks

x8 their income within 6 weeks

The clients that get the most out of this program:

Already have an income strategy that’s working
Are open to strengthening their spiritual practice
Are committed to their internal growth to expand their external growth
Are ready to bring the mind-body-spirit connection to all that they do
Are ready to release the programming of struggling for success


If you know that you need this program to get to your next level of $100K and beyond the next step is simple:

Arrange a free Clarity Call now to get started.

The result of working with me in any and all of my programs means that you have More.

More Money,

More Impact,

More Alignment,

More Connection and Better Relationships with yourself and others,

More Confidence, Peace and Clarity,

More Fulfillment,

More Success

If you’re ready to develop the “already mine” attitude and mindset to break through to revenues of $100K and beyond,

Arrange a free Clarity Call now.