Work With Me

Janet Mohapi-Banks Breakthrough Coach, International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

I work with people who know that they’re meant for MORE.

They’re clever, adventurous and courageous but they’ve been bashing their heads against their glass ceiling and now they feel trapped in a unfulfilling life but they want to experience the excitement and greatness that they were born for.

Their lives feel frustrating because they’re not having the impact, income or connection that they really want but they’re determined to make it happen now.

I work with high achieving women and gentle men entrepreneurs who want to make a big difference in the world.

Marrying Mindset and Energy Work we work on breaking through to your next level of fulfillment and success with ease.

I help you to get from the frustration of being stuck no matter how hard you work, to becoming unstoppable and achieving all the goals that you set.

There are myriad reasons why entrepreneurs get stuck trying to break through to the levels of success and fulfillment they dream of.

Do you recognise that you have Imposter Syndrome, that you are constantly proving that you deserve to be there and perfectionism has taken hold, or that you’re gripping too tightly on to everything and can’t relinquish control?

Do you know that as soon as you reach a certain level of wealth or success something happens that throws you back down to where you were before?

Or do you experience a chest-tightening fear, in any of it’s varied and glorious forms, that’s preventing you from truly going for and taking root in your next level of success.

Yes, we can address all of these symptoms one by one but wouldn’t getting to the root of the matter be a more effective way of dealing with all of them?

Whatever you consciously know and identify with, the underlying issue that is planted deeply into the subconscious of just about everybody I’ve ever come across, is that they don’t truly believe they are worthy or deserving of having it.

And it’s that sense of not being enough that will stop you from achieving your breakthrough.

My work focuses on unearthing that seed of unworthiness that was planted (usually as a child) and has now grown into the variety of perceived barriers that you currently believe are standing in your way.

We remove these invisible barriers on a cellular level using energy work and we overcome them on a mental level too because if you remove the clogged energy but don’t rewrite the subconscious beliefs the energy will clog again in exactly the same place, for exactly the same reasons that the clogs manifested in the first place.  

Likewise, if you rewrite the subconsicous beliefs but don’t eliminate the energetic clogs in your body, your body will continue to send instructions to your mind of the only story it currently knows.

And that’s why dynamic, ambitious entrepreneurs like you, get so far and then get so stuck.

When you reach the ceiling of what you believe you are worthy of or deserving of, unless you expand that sense of worthiness, everything in your system will do its job, including your mind and your body, and fight to keep you from the harm of breaking through.  (Ever wondered why you get sick just as things are taking off?)

When your conscious desires exceed your subconscious beliefs, the fight is on and you will struggle. 

The longer you struggle without breaking through the more likely you are to burn out, believe that you don’t deserve to be there (Imposter Syndrome), believe that you have to micro-manage every situation (Control) and believe that your work just clearly isn’t good enough and has to be better (Perfectionism)

Do you see the cycle?

Isn’t time to get off the merry-go-round?

There are currently 2 ways of working with me depending upon your situation and needs:

12 Week Private 1:1 Coaching – $12,000

90 Minute Breakthrough Session – $997

In a 90-minute Breakthrough Session we work on a very specific aspect of what’s been keeping you stuck. We dissolve that particular obstacle and you leave with clarity and focus, knowing what is needed to break through to your next level. 

You also get a further 9 days of support on the messaging app, Telegram.

In a 12 week Private Coaching program we uncover everything that is preventing you from breaking through to your next level of success and with results driven focus, we remove the bottlenecks and obstacles standing in your way.

You get:

  • 12 weekly 1 hour calls
  • Personalized further development
  • Unlimited support between calls
  • Daily accountability (Monday to Friday)

The result of working with me in any and all of my programs means that you have More.

More Money,

More Alignment,

More Connection and Better Relationships with yourself and others,

More Confidence, Peace and Clarity,

More Fulfillment,

More Success

If you’re ready to break through your glass ceiling and step into your potential, choose the option that best suits your needs.