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Janet Mohapi-Banks Breakthrough Coach, International Best Selling Author and Speaker

Money and Impact do not have to come at the price of your health, your happiness, or your family. You WANT IT ALL!…and you can absolutely have it.

Others are here to build a business.

You’re here to build a legacy.

Because the money you earn isn’t just about the zeros in the bank account…it’s about the life and experiences you and your family have.

But, lately, it feels like your high-earnings are stuck in place.

The potential you have to reach the millions you long to impact is bubbling underneath the surface…so don’t give up.

I’m here to tell you that it’s nothing that you’re doing out there that’s keeping the success you want from you.

It’s not the strategy,

It’s not the platform,

And it’s not even the messaging.

Before you can create your external next level success, you need to up-level your inner game.

The wealth, business, clients and luxurious life you want is already yours

And as soon as you go beyond believing and into KNOWING they are already there, you’ll see them

As soon as you TRUST yourself, your knowledge, and the FACT that you’re worthy and deserving of having them, you’ll bring them into your physical reality.

I know that you understand this on a mental level, but you need to embody it in every cell of your Being so there’s no disconnect or resistance and your subconscious and conscious minds are singing in tune.  And that’s exactly what I help you to do.

Mixing mindset, metaphysics, and energetic clearings, I work with my clients on developing their inner game so they can create their outer success with ease.

In my signature 12-Week program, we focus on

Your Vision – Through an exclusive process I have designed for high-earning clients like you, you’ll finally be able to see and feel exactly what you want…not just what you’ve been conditioned to want or vision colored by fear and doubt. Clients who have been through this process have been able to identify where their previously held visions were failing the goals they were working for.

Your Money – Learn how to bring in thousands of dollars more each month without feeling guilty, greedy, or embarrassed. And learn how to hold onto it instead of it disappearing again in a broken boiler type bill so you’re able to facilitate the change that having money affords.

Your Perception of the External – A process of dissection I use helps you see what’s been blocking you from reaching past your current levels of success so I am able to help you rewire your perception of the external. Through that rewiring, we are able to open up your consciousness to see the bigger reality of the life you could have.

Your Perception of the Internal – By unlocking the secret parts of yourself (often secret even from you), we work to rebuild your perception of who you truly are, far beyond what you were told you were. Because it’s by shifting those thoughts, that the frustrations and roadblocks that you put in your path are dissolved, permanently.

Unapologetic Self-Love and Self-Acceptance – Forget having to talk yourself into doing the things that move your business forward. You become Teflon so nothing else anyone can say or do can impact your Truth or your drive to exceed your goals.

Alignment of emotion, energy, and mind – We cognitively and energetically tap into the laws of metaphysics that govern your ability to reach the levels of success and impact you crave. Using your subconscious to rewire your internal programming, we realign your frequency so that the action you need to take comes easily, fluidly, and feels as natural as the skin you’re in. Because it is.

Investment $15,000

This is not your typical “coaching” program. This is a mental, emotional, and psychological rewiring of who you are. And it allows us to take your current basis for success and mould it so you can finally shatter the glass ceiling.

It’s 12 weeks and I will be with you the whole way as you step into the new patterns of behavior and thinking that allow you to easily step past what’s been currently blocking your attempts to extend the reach of your impact.

These steps are not for the faint of heart.

But that’s fine. Because YOU’RE not for the faint of heart.

You can expect to:
Have to question everything you’ve thought was true about who you are

Work within a brand new reality that comes with new sets of stumbling blocks

Incorporate new thoughts and emotions into your everyday interactions with those you love

Just to name a few.

But it’s all doable. Because my clients prove it every day.

“Working with Janet really helped me to overcome the mental obstacles and even the tactical obstacles that was preventing me from really being able to move the needle forward and to progress financially.

I highly highly recommend working with Janet.

I was frustrated in terms of my finances and within 6 weeks I had increased my bank account by eight times after paying expenses and everything else so I was really happy.

I feel like I was able to really overcome a big boundary in terms of my financial progress. Janet’s coaching calls really helped me to be able to put things in a bigger perspective and also implement new tools that helped me to get things rolling in the right direction.

So if you’re struggling to move forward with your business and you feel like you have mental blockages with it or if you feel like you have a lot of emotional blockages, I highly recommend working with Janet.”

Alan Mattei – founder/operator for San Camino Hospedajes.

Who am I?

I’m Janet Mohapi-Banks. And I train leaders and change-makers like you to take charge and plow through their self-sabotaging behaviors by helping them see and do the things they could not.

I’m the creator of the Mohapi Method to More™ which is the process that my clients have used to:

8X their income

Get fully booked with clients (for the first time in 20 years of business!)

Unlock their creative flow and imagination

And now it’s your turn.

Your audience – the lives you want to change – are waiting. And so is the phenomenal money and impact that you long to make.

Let’s jump on a call so we can see if we are a grand fit to help you make your dreams happen.

Investment options start at $1,500